Artificial Reefs in Florida. Find where to fish.
Artificial Reefs
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Reefs in Pinellas County
Reefs of Southwest Florida
Reefs in Ten Thousand Islands

Key West Reefs
Sarasota Fishing Reefs
Islamorada Seamounts

Dutch Banks

Artificial Reef Information:

Artificial Reef Locator by County: The GPS(Global Positioning System), DGPS(Differential GPS), LOR(Loran C) or UK(unknown) entries in the GPS field indicates which format the original coordinates were obtained (if known). The other set of coordinates was mathematically calculated and is probably not as accurate as the original set. If UNKNOWN (UK) is listed then the LORAN is probably the more accurate set of coordinates.

Artificial Reefs
Artificial reef locations with LORAN and GPS coodinates for the entire coast of the United States. Florida Artificial Reefs. A county by county listing of Florida artificial reef locations. A group dedicated to keeping artificial reefs off of North Florida healthy.

GPS Waypoint Search Criteria
Please select the criteria you want to search for. There are over 100,000 waypoints both inshore and offshore across the Gulf Coast in this database, please be as specific as possible to save your search time. If you are not sure of the spelling of a name, enter as many characters as you think are correct and see what happens. The Name field is not case sensitive. Block Names, Depth, and Age are only available for offshore structures.

S.W. Florida Reefs
The Pollution Solution Team. Association. Southwest Florida. Artificial Reef Locations. Latitude. Longitude. Verification Description. Site Description. Water Depth. Relief Latitude to All Reefs South. Sites From Cape Romano, Chokoloskee, to Shark River and Cape

Artificial Reefs of the Florida Keys. To create an artificial reef is to sink a man-made object in the sea, and then allow it to become part of the ocean ecosystem. Marine life has been quick to adapt to artificial reefs. Marine life has been quick to adapt to artificial reefs. In fact, barracuda have been known to stake out their territory.

The Artificial Reefs of Volusia County,Florida and The "Reef Team"
This web site is maintained by the Volusia County Reef Research Dive Team Inc. The Artificial Reefs of Volusia County, Florida. Artificial Reef Sites, (updates) / Reef Notes / Surveys Needed . Survey Forms / Sketch of Reef Locations / Other Related Web Sites

Artificial reef locations
Since that time, the Ponce de Leon Inlet and Port District has increased its effort and involvement. . The locations for artificial reefs constructed by the Inlet & Port District are listed below. Florida Bureau of Marine Fisheries Management. Florida Department of

Artificial Reefs Broward
ARTIFICIAL REEFS. INTRODUCTION. Just as our beaches attract tourists, our offshore marine environment draws diving and fishing enthusiasts from all over the world. over 75 artificial reefs offshore of Artificial Reef Program, 218 S.W. 1st Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301. This information will help us to plan future reefs

Comprehensive List of Artificial Reef Coordinates
and around the two bouyed locations in an egg-shaped or oval Sport Fishing Institute. Artificial Fishing Reefs & Wrecks (Map), DNR publication. Florida Department of Environmental

NOTE: The Artificial Reefs database is sorted by DEPLOYMENT DATE, if available

Florida Artificial Reefs GPS and LORAN Data : Access pdf files by county.

Florida Fishing Artificial Reefs
Florida finds innovative ways to meet the demand for new artificial reefs. turned into artificial reefs off southeast Florida. In the Florida Sportsman Fishing Chart series also provides locations and coordinates for many of Florida's artificial reefs.

Artificial Reefs in Florida. Find where to fish, gps numbers, lat, long readings. Get the locations of the best fishing reef locations.


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