Paradise Boat Rentals - Abaco Island Bahamas

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: Paradise Boat Rentals - Abaco Island Bahamas

abacoA company that sees you as our most important client not just a renter. Paradise Boat Rentals will do everything possible to make sure that you have a wonderful time during your stay here in beautiful Abaco.
Green Turtle Cay is the island jewel of Abaco.  The Abacos Islands are one of the best kept tropical secrets in the world. An island vacation where you can fish, snorkel and dive turquoise clear waters.  You can explore remote islands, beaches and secret coves of the pirates of long ago.  Visit the quaint settlement restaurants and shops in the village .

Paradise Boat Rentals guarantees that you will get a boat that will have all accessories so you can enjoy your boat outing, so relax and don't worry, you will enjoy our boats.  Beyond all of the natural physical beauty of these islands lie the most cherished feature, a genuine friendliness and welcome feeling which emanates from the inhabitants. And love of the islands with all who care to join them. Life and vacationing is quiet and laid back. You can come to the Abacos alone, with children, parents or friends, and be assured that everyone will have a great and memorable vacation!

They use custom built Albury Brother’s boats built on Man-O-War Cay, Abaco.  Albury brothers have been building run-about boats since 1958, and are known for there fine craftsmanship.

Location: Paradise Boat Rentals is located on Green Turtle Cay, in Abaco, Bahamas

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