Key West Reefs

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: Florida Fishing Spots > Florida Keys :

: Key West Reefs


Artificial Reefs of the Keys is a non-profit group in Key West, Florida, working to bring the de-commissioned ex-USAFS Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg to our waters to become an artificial reef

Keys wrecks and reefs

U.S.S. Wilkes - Barre Reef N/A FL , Key West
Minimum Depth: 180 feet
Maximum Depth: 249 feet
Access By: Boat
Latitude: N 24 29.317
Longitude: W 81 33.000

The Waterproof Fish/Dive series is exceptionally popular. These great charts have plotted GPS positions for fishing reefs, wrecks and grounds. Coverage from Sand Key and he Northwest Channel (west of Key West) west to Rebecca Shoal on sets of GPS Coordinates pinpoint these features plus artificial reefs and inlet buoys. LOWER KEYS FISH / DIVE - Coverage from the 7-Mile Bridge west to Boca Grande Key and Woman Key (10 miles west of Key West) Offshore to the Reef and north to The Content Keys and Turtlecrawl Bank. West Side is detailed coverage of Key West Area reefs with added Loran TD Lines. 80 Plotted and Indexed GPS Positions for Wrecks, Lights, Fishing and Diving Sites. Information from 2 NOAA charts 11441 & 11442.GPS Datum.

ARTIFICIAL REEF SITE COORDINATES LISTED HERE! This listing of artificial reefs sites is yards or so north west if tank is missing 62145.0.
Key West Gulfside Reef 24/41/08 C 81/52/44 C 13933.4 43679.1
* Key West Gulfside Reef 24/41/08 C 81/52/44 C 139335 43679.1
* Keywest Gulfside Reef 24/41/08 C 81/52/44 C 139323 43679.1
* Keywest Gulfside Reef 24/41/08 C 81/52/44 C 13933.8 43678.8
* Key West Gulfside Reef 24/41/08 C 81/52/44 C 139333 436798
* Gunbor Art Reef 24/57/00 C 81/45/00 C 139723 436515
* Gunbor Site FKARA Reef 24/57/00 81/46/00
* FKARA Reef: Key West Gulfside Site 24/41/13 81/52/73

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