Megabait's New Fishing Lures for Saltwater and Freshwater

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Megabait's New Fishing Lures for Saltwater and Freshwater

(PRWEB) February 2, 2006 -– Megabait, the award winning manufacturer of freshwater and saltwater fishing lures and tackle unveiled a new line of fishing lures, swimbaits and fishing tackle for 2006.

Megabait ships the new Mr. Bill Swimbait, New sizes of the LA Slider Swimbait, upgrades the entire line of Megabait Charlie Swimbaits, expands color selections, and opens the new B2B Website.

Megabait’s new Swimbait for 2006 is the freshwater / saltwater Mr. Bill. This innovative lure features a patented detachable bill and hook system that allows for quick on the fly lure body changes without detaching the lure from the line. The hook is also designed to release from the body after a hookup to increase line feel and reduce wear on the soft plastic body. An animated demo highlighting key patented features of the lure is available at

The Megabait Mr. Bill is available in combo packs with a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater colors choices. 3”, 4-3/4”, 5” and 7” sizes are available as are economical body only replacement packs. The Megabait Mr. Bill is now shipping.

Megabait won the ICAST “Best New Lure” award in the soft plastics category for their innovative L.A. Slider swimbait in 2004. Megabait has added new freshwater and saltwater colors along with smaller 3” and 4” sizes more suitable for freshwater bass fishing. The L.A. sliders still feature a soft plastic body with a special cavity. The cavity is filled with varying size weight hook combinations. The innovative patented quick change system allows quick changes of the body / hook and weight combinations to suit the fishing situation. An animated demo highlighting the key patented features of the lure is available at

The 2003 ICAST winner for “Best New Lure” the Charlie suspending swimbait have been upgraded in 2006 to feature new wire through construction for greater durability. Sizes available in 2006 are the 3.5”, 4”, 5”, and 6” suspending models. The Megabait Charlie has proven to be a productive and popular lure with its’ lifelike swimming action and suspending capabilities.

New colors for 2006 include holographic perch for the live jig, mega diver, jerkbait, twitch bait, bucktail, and swimbait lines. The L.A. Slider is now available in new goldfish, watermelon, glow, purple, and other freshwater colors for 2006.

About Megabait:
Megabait has been an award winning manufacturer of fishing lures and fishing tackle. Megabait strives to bring high quality fishing lures featuring innovative technology to the market at reasonable prices compared to other premium import lures. New for 2006 is the Megabait direct B2B wholesale e-commerce site at

Nick Nakao, President
Megabait / Pace Products Inc.


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