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: Florida Fishing Spots > Sarasota :

: Fishing Reef Locations

Sarasota County Reef Ball Projects. Links or Click on Interactive Map. ENN- Environmental News Network [Eternal Reefs Announces 2004 Memorial Reef Locations] over a new reef" Sarasota Herald, Fishing Weather Hot Spots.

The Bulkheads  27°32.20’ N/  82°42.40’ W    16 feet  
Southeast Tampa 27°32.90’ N /82°40.30’ W 14 feet   
Emerson Point    27°31.84’ N / 82°38.77’ W   11 feet      
Bayshore North 27°24.50’ N  / 82°36.10’ W 11 feet   
Bayshore South  27°23.90’ N  / 82°35.67’ W 12 feet    
Johnnie Walker 27°22.38’ N  /   82°35.72’ W 12 feet       
Deamus Hart    27°22.08’ N  / 82°34.48’ W    10 feet  
Pop Jantzen      27°19.71’ N  /   82°33.85’ W    7 feet    
Anglers’ Club    27°21.08’ N  /  82°35.88’ W   12 feet     
Zack’s Hole      27°25.67’ N  / 82°38.42’ W    10 feet                        
Whale Key       27°23.50’ N   / 82°36.25’ W  12 feet                             
Bradenton Beach Pier   27°27.99’ N / 82°41.65’ W  8 feet

5 minutes bottom time, 10 -15 foot vis, 74 degree water, 42 feet depth, 2 year old Reef Balls, Monitoring by Todd R. Barber & Mike Solum, May 2nd.
Artificial reefs photos sarasota

Sarasota's GPS and Lat/Lon coordinates for fishing reefs, Saltwater Light Tackle Sport Fishing Guide Service and fishing information with photos GPS & LORAN-C FISHING LOCATIONS is some good snapper fishing close by and you are the south side. Good fishing but very shallow water north

IceBox   Loran C:  2709.281 - 8239.632  (Grouper City):  The Ice Box is a large area that starts about 8 Nautical miles west of Casey Key and 10.11 miles at a 209° mc from New Pass.  The numbers are only a place to start.  Kingfish, grouper and snapper are caught in this area.

Cuda Hole  GPS: 2714.398 - 8245.326:  This ledge is called Table Rock and is one of many in the Cuda Hole area.  You will often find dive boats on this spot but the area is miles big and you should have no problem finding your own ledge to fish.  The ledges are 2-5 feet high and will show fish on your recorder.  This ledge is in 49' of water.  Run a 246° mc for 9.54 miles form New Pass.

Gully  Loran C: 2715.002 - 8246.890:  Another large area with ledges that will hold grouper and snapper.  A 259° mc for 10.29 miles out of New Pass will put you in the area.

Swiss Cheese  Loran C: 2712.031 - 8254.902:  This is a hard bottom area and you will not see much on your bottom recorder. Red and gag grouper like this area and we drift it with live bait on the bottom.  The area is large and starts at about 70' and runs out to over 85'.  A 250° mc for 18 miles out of New Pass will get you started.  In the summer you can often find dolphin and other Blue water fish in this area.

Old Barge  GPS  2709.694 - 8253.053:  The Old barge is very old and in 80' feet of water but is the first place I start to look for large amberjack.  A 249.6° mc for 17.69 miles from the New Pass sea marker is the Rang & Bearing.

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