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: Buy Blue Crabs online

Purchase Hard Crabs
The Crab Place ships the freshest Maryland blue crabs available. If your mouth waters at the sight of fiery orange crustaceans piled high on a table spread with newspaper, then you have to check out this site. You can order crabs online already steamed and seasoned to spicy perfection, or get them live to prepare according to your own family recipe. Start your crab feast now.

Steamed, seasoned hard crabs

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Callinectes sapidus. (A.K.A. claw crab) Life History. The blue crab is a important bottom-dwelling predator and a member of the swimming crab family, Portunidae. Blue crabs are opportunistic and will feed on a variety of live and dead fish, crabs, clams, snails, eelgrass, sea lettuce, and decayed vegetation. Male and female crabs can be distinguished by examining their segmented abdomen. The abdomen is folded and fitted snugly into a groove on the underside of the crab. The male's abdomen is long and slender, resembling an inverted "T". A female's abdomen changes as it matures; an immature female has a triangular shaped abdomen whereas, a mature female's is rounded. The goal is: to manage blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay to conserve the baywide stock, protect its ecological value, and optimize the long-term utilization of the resource.

Offering fresh fish, crabcakes, fresh and frozen seafood online, live lobsters and everything in between shipped anywhere in the United States guaranteed while delivering a superior product oline, allows us to offer the Blue Crab promise. We know that if we take care of you.

Everything about blue crabs including science and biology, industry & consumer topics, and chicken-necking! Welcome to the Information Site! Everything about online. If you can't obtain blue crabs locally, you can buy them on the Internet. There are several very reputable resellers online who will ship live and steamed crabs to anywhere in the United States. Live crabs placed in Styrofoam shipping containers nline which utilize frozen gel-packs to keep cool during transit.

Brings you the tastes and traditions of the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia - gift baskets, herbs, seafood, soups, nuts kitchen online to market culinary themes of the region nline. Today the International Fancy Food Show.

Biology, ecology, regulations, fishery online, and other web links and commercial fishermen, naturalists, and consumers hold the blue crab in high esteem. Economic, and ecological standpoint, the blue crab is an important and onlne interesting.

buy blue crabs online
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