Dungeness Crab

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One of Alaska's finest seafood resources. Dungeness Crab are harvested all along the western U.S. coast, but the largest and most flavorful Dungness Crab come from Alaska. Dungeness Crab are harvested from the icy, pure waters of the North Pacific, averaging about 2-1/2 pounds each. Available precooked, this superior shellfish has a distinctive sweet flavor, bright orange shell color, and tender, flaky white meat. Alaska Dungenes Crabs is an excellent value because of its moderate price and ease of preparation. Traditionally this crab is sold whole, and are delivered to your door pre-cooked and frozen. Just thaw and heat gently in a steamer or broiler, or bake in a 400 F oven for 4 minutes, for hot items. For salads or cold dishes, simply heat and chill. An excellent source of high-quality protein, containing all of the essential amino acids, while low in fat and calories.

Dungeness Crab shipped Live or Fresh Cooked anywhere in the United States! is our speciality opportunity to have fresh live Dngeness cra shipped to you directly. Our boat the leaves California's Trinidad Bay every morning before dawn, to harvest fresh crabs. Upon returning, the commercial buyers have always been the sole recipients of these Pacific Coast delicacies until now.

Dungeness crab has a sweet flavor and flaky texture that lends itself to a wide variety of preparation methods, from the simple to the elegant. Its moist white meat is as versatile as it is delicious when you're cooking with Oregon Dunganess crab.

The basic biology of the Dungeness crab is well known. Crabs grow by shedding their old shell, a process called molting. During their first two years, crabs molt several times, reportedly named after a small fishing village on the Strait of Juan de Fuca in Washington state. The Dungeness crab is 20-25% meat by weight, yielding both leg and body meat. The succulent white meat is highly prized for crab pastas, pastries, sauces and salads, or can be just as exquisite simply served right out of the shell.

The Dungeness Crab is a commercially important crab. The Dungness Crab inhabits eel-grass beds and muddy to sandy bottoms, from the low intertidal zone to depths in excess of 600 ft. They can be found from the Aleutian Islands in Alaska to south of San Francisco. They eat a wide variety of marine animals. Stomachs of ocean crabs have been found to contain clams, fish, and crabs, as well as other items, including starfish, worms, squid, snails, and eggs from fish or crabs. The ungeness is also cannabalistic, a fact which has been observed in laboratories and borne.

Live Dungeness crab shipped right to your door. For the freshest seafood ever, visit FARM 2 MARKET today the sea has to offer. The is the most popular of the Pacific far south as Baja, the Alaskan crab is the preferred variety.

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