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: Satellite Phone

No service plans, no coverage problems, and no worries about getting a signal with a good satellite phone. The GlobalStar is one of the smallest and lightest satellite phones on the market (shown with antenna up).  One of the biggest problems with cell phones (besides the price) is finding one that will keep a signal.  Well - how about one that will always get a signal - from.

Designed to extend the ability to communicate from areas where cellular or landline phones are unavailable.  No service plans, no coverage problems, and no worries about getting a signal.  Great for emergencies as the minutes can be used as needed instead of a fixed amount each month.  This thing is ready to go right out of the box. One of the differences in the GlobalStar is that it uses LEO satellites.  A Low Earth Orbit (LEO) is any earth orbit up to approximately 1,500 kilometers in altitude. Low-Earth-Orbit satelite systems offer significant advantages over Geosynchronous (GEO) systems for the delivery of mobile satellte services (MSSs). These advantages result from an orbit selection that enhances the quality of services to low-power mobile hand-held and vehicle-mounted user equipment. GEO satellite systems, located at an altitude of 35,800 kilometers above the Earth, are best suited for their missions of high-speed data, television stellite transmission, and other wideband applications.

The Globalstar Handheld Satellite Phone offers an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable for handheld operation. The phone weighs 13.5 ounces and its dimensions include a height of 7 inches, width of 2.2 inches, and a thickness of 1.9 inches. The antenna, when held in a vertical position, communicates with the Globalstar satelliet at elevations more than 10 degrees above the horizon. The Globalstar satelite antenna rotates and stows into the handset for convenience when not in use. (All measurements for height and volume include standard battery and assume the Globalstar antenna is stowed.)
Whether you're cruising in a fishing vessel off the tip of Africa or exploring the Inca ruins of Peru, there is one thing you shouldn't be without - contact with civilization.  As we all know, there are a million and a half things that can go wrong when you're out in the middle of nowhere, and if something does goes wrong, being able to reach help can mean the difference between life and death

National Fisherman, When satellite phone systems first came out, they were so big and bulky you had to have a factory trawler to carry the antenna. It weighed in at about 200 pounds.

It is a satellite based, wireless communication network designed to permit voice and data transmission to and from anywhere on earth, at any time. Satellite phones are the same size of a cordless phone and weigh less than a pound.

Satellite Phones by Global Start are the world's most used handheld satelite phone, are great for offshore fishing use. Big Game Fishing Resource for the Sport Fishing Enthusiast. Info & Rentals travel offshore quite frequently, you should have a Satellite Phone with you at all times.

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