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: Swordfish Fishing

Understanding the Effects Moonlight on Swordfishing
Fishing the Chum Slicks

Big game sportfishing resource including Swordfishing, Fishing Reports, Charters & Guides, Fishing Forums, Tournaments, Rigging & Fishing Knots, Marine Directory. Stu Cawker of "Sport and Billfish Downunder" writes about the swordfishery off Northeast Tuna and Swordfish Fishing. Follow Captain Frank Pitten. This site serves as a central point for all Sport Fishing enthusiasts. Browse through our highly specialized and relevant fishing articles or stop by the Fishing Forums to discuss the latest topic. Enjoy your visit at the largest sportfishing resource on the net including fishing reports from top captains!

The Ultimate Big-Game Fish? The swordfish had been hooked at 11:30 a.m work in the fishing industry, but when a 200-pound swordfish decides to attack. Broadbill swordfish wake up and become fierce and dangerous after dark. This one certainly verified that theory. In the dark we could not tell where he was, whether he was close or near, whether he menaced us or not. Some of the splashes he made sounded angry and close. I expected to hear a crash at any moment. We took the chance that as long as our propeller turned the swordfish would not ram us.

''The swordfish offers the best fight of all fish,'' Capt. Julio Cota says without hesitation. A top marlin skipper out of Baja’s East Cape on El Loco 2, Cota cites a broadbill heartbreaker that his boat battled for more than 24 hours; the 50-pound line gave out long before the swordfish.

Swordfish Identification:
Science Name: Xiphias gladius
Other Names: broadbill swordfish
Ideal Temp: 65 to 78
World Record: 1182 lbs. Chili
Environment: offshore
Techniques: Heavy-tackle trolling
Research fish habitats, feeding habits, Sword fish fishing tips, pictures, images, photos, descriptions, Articles Businesses Tackle Store Fishing Reports Fishing Spots Fish ID Fish Recipes Classifieds Tournaments Tackle: Search For Swrdfish Fshing Tackle.

Swordfishing Boat rigging: You will need a seaworthy boat, either chartered or owned, All running lights need to be in working order; Port, Starboard, and Stern lights. These lights are mandatory and very important since there are shipping lanes in our fish zone. You must be able to identify and be identified when you’re on the water at night. Knowledge of vessel lights is important so as to avoid a collision course. Keep all loose articles either tied down or in a locker as you make the long run offshore. Always do manual checks on your bile pumps. I take a hose and start filling up the bilge. If your float switches are working the bilge pumps will come on automatically and you’re ready to roll.

Swordfishing Fishing line: 800 yards of 50 pound test should get most jobs done. Most guys are going with the braided lines which have a smaller diameter than monofilament does and have double the strength. As an example we have used 200 lb. braided Tuff line which has a diameter of 50 lb. test mono, therefore we can spool over 1000 yards on to a Penn 80TW. This might sound overkill but I like to fish all my rods ready for that 400 pounder.

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