Trolling for Grouper

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: Trolling for Grouper

Trolling for grouper. By Capt. Mel Berman, 970-WFLA. There's a fascinating transformation that occurs in each of us when the weather morphs from the choke-hold of winter to the benevolent serenity of an April day. I should hasten to add that trolling for grouper does not preclude bottom fish

Gag Grouper. The four stout rods set off the stern bend against the resistance offered by the thick-lipped plugs digging their way through the indigo-blue Gulf waters needs to be pretty stout troll: level-wind and trolling reels are the norm, mounted to beefy fiberglass or squid or small baitfish. Trolling for grouper has become popular recently - use

My personal favorite method for grouper fishing is trolling. This method works in water from 15 to 25 feet in depth and works wherever grouper are found. It works particularly well on the "patch reefs" of South Florida torlling , the Florida Keys, and the entire Caribbean. These patch reefs are spotty reefs that reach up from sandy bottom sometimes as high as the surface at low tide. Numbers of small fish, including exotics populate them. They usually border the big reef and are close to deep water.

BOTTOM BUMPING FOR GROUPER" When trolling for grouper over rocky channel edges this makes grouper hang on longer for better hook-ups. For grouper trips, call Rochelle at

Grouper fishing in Apalachee Bay is productive all year round. During the cooler months grouper come in closer to shore and can be caught within sight of land in fifteen to twenty feet of water. Bottom fishing and trolling lures are equally effective to catch grouper.

"Trolling Saltwater Plugs" Jerold "Buck" Hall. Originally appeared in the Pensacola News Journal 10/29/02. "This is too easy." Chris remarked, as he grabbed the third rod of our tripleheader get them. He spoke a. little too soon bull redfish and a 26 inch grouper. Keeper. grouper are a nice bi-product of trolling inshore when the weather turns cool.

Many kingfish were taken on trolling plugs Saturday in about 50' of water to use a #5 wire leader when trolling for grouper as a king is likely to take

CCA-Florida Press Release RED & GAG GROUPER. CCA Florida documents related to the management of grouper. Council Decision to Allow Surface Trolling in Grouper Reserves - Seawatch Newsletter Article, October

Stretch Incites Grouper. Trolling a Mann Stretch 30+ over a known gruoper hangout has produced some "striking Now lure, by trolling a stretch 10 - 20' over the bottom, actively feeding.

Black Grouper. When and Where - Off shore bottom fishing. How to Fish - Bottom fishing and sometimes trolling 2/0 to 6/0 hook for bottom fishing. For trolling, use an 80 lb class rod with a

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